Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Waiting. . .

Today is the first day that the kids are back in school and I'm home alone.  (They started on August 25. . .)  I am waiting (im)patiently for my new phone to arrive.  It's that time again-calls dropping, touch pad not always working, you know how it goes.  I *hate* that I have to be here to sign for it.  I feel like I can't even get a shower until after it gets here.  I know the drill-if I don't come to the door and give them a live signature, it will get returned to the office and re-delivered tomorrow.  Grrr.  It's supposed to be here before 3.  My daughter has a piano lesson (here) at 3:30 and dance tonight at 6.  Did I mention that her ballet slippers are AWOL *and* 2 sizes too small?  And her dance class is 30 minutes east of here and the dance store is 20 minutes north of here?  To quote a silly 4 year old, "do the math!"  ;)  Should be an interesting afternoon, lol.  :)

I'd *like* to start going through a cormo X fleece that's been sitting in my foyer for about a month, but I'm afraid I won't hear the doorbell. . .  Duh!  I *could* just do it on the front porch!

Well, while I was writing this, my phone arrived!  Yay!  Now I have the day to myself. . .   Hmm. . . what to do. . . what to do. . .

Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Fiber Specials. . .

Buy 2 items at full price and get 50% off the 3rd item at Zoo Creations. Enter code “FIXmeUP!” in notes to seller and I will refund 50% of the lowest priced item through paypal. Offer good September 1 through October 9.

After any purchase between September 4 and October 9, don't forget to register to win one of the great FIX prize boxes.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

FIX Drawing coming up!

I'm so excited about the upcoming FIX prize box drawing!  Purchase anything from any FIX shop(s) for entries into the drawing.  The prizes are drool-worthy.    Here's some info from the Ravelry FIX group:

FIX PRIZE BOX DRAWING: Sept. 4th THRU Oct. 9th 3 prize boxes available. --to get an entry into the drawing place an order during the drawing dates in any of the participating FIX co-op members etsy shops and post your order in the special drawing thread . One entry per order (items shipped together = 1 order). Multiple orders means multiple entries.

-There will be 3 prize boxes to win…….2 boxes with 5 full sized items and 1 box with one sample item from each co-op member and Katies “Wool Gathering” pin…total of 11 items There will be a video showing the items in the prize boxes posted at the top of the drawing thread.
--To get extra “freebie” entries into the drawing watch for the FEATURED ENABLER thread! We will feature one co-op members shop for a few days, go to their shop and browse around, come back to the Featured Enabler thread and leave a comment about the shop, after the few days are up one # will be drawn from the posts about the Featured shop and I will post a “freebie entry” in the drawing thread for that person. One entry per person per Featured Enabler.

Check out the FIX blog at:    for a listing of all the FIX shop members.